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Buying a home is most likely the largest investment you will ever make!  As with most big decisions, it’s good to have some outside evaluation.  A home inspector is like a general physician giving a checkup on your (prospective) house’s health.  While no home inspector can predict the future or guarantee the absence of issues, a home inspection serves as an important tool in helping you make an informed decision about a property.  Through the process, you will get an accurate picture of the home and be alerted to any pre-existing and/or impending problems you may have.  It will also make you aware of areas where safety improvements could be made.


During a home inspection, we will visually inspect all of the accessible components and systems of the home and deliver you a comprehensive report, full of non-technical, easy to understand explanations and photos, to assist YOU in making a decision

A typical home inspection includes an evaluation of the following: foundation, grading, roof, attic, ventilation, HVAC equipment, electrical & plumbing systems, exterior & interior walls, floors & ceilings, attached garage, appliances etc.     

See the picture below which illustrates many of the areas that are inspected. 

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