New Construction Inspections in Midland & Odessa

A new construction inspection is usually performed to make sure there were not any serious mistakes made on your home in the building process. It is important because it allows problems to be caught early before they become major, costly issues down the line. New construction does not mean perfect construction and builders, however trustworthy they may be, make mistakes and that is just the nature of the business. There are varying degrees of quality and competency from one subcontractor to another and even though everything may appear to be in good shape from the outside, it may not be. As an independent home inspector, I possess the ability and expertise to conduct an informed and professional inspection of your new property and also protect your best interest in the process!

Book a New Construction Inspection

We will conduct a thorough inspection and give you list of issues to submit to your builder for repairs. You will also get a full report (see sample reports) with photos! We recommend a pre-drywall & final inspection, as well as an 11 month warranty inspection. Remember, the mistakes we find will be listed to the builder so that they can pay for the mistakes instead of you later down the road!

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Common Problems With New Construction

3rd party inspections ensure that everything in the house is running properly and is installed up to manufacturer specs. Even if the house has been inspected by the city, there could still be problems. As work gets subcontracted out, coordination becomes difficult and construction defects become much more likely and common. Municipal inspectors check for code compliance, but they do not have time to inspect everything in and about the house since they have to inspect every new residential and commercial property at any given time. This leads to many defects going unnoticed and potentially becoming major problems down the line. Hiring a third party inspector allows your home to be evaluated beyond minimal construction standards so that you can be sure your investment is worth what you’re paying and you don’t have any unwanted surprises.

Common builder mistakes:

  • window leaks
  • reversed cold and hot faucets
  • missing insulation, incomplete tiling or caulking
  • overlooked painting
  • reversed polarity in electrical outlets
  • meter bases are not secured well to the house
  • light fixtures that have not been installed yet
  • exposed nail heads on ridge vents and other roof penetrations

  • Dylan Blackburn Avatar
    Dylan Blackburn

    Highly recommended that you use Summit for your home warranty inspections. Great service and great prices. – 4/08/2021

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    Yummy p

    Very professional and flexible! Even though i booked the same day he did went and did a thorough inspections on things you wont even know! I really recommend to everyone to all new constructions out there! It doesn’t mean its new its all okay! better be safe than sorry! thank you sir Josh for helping me with my home buying experience in deciding.. – 3/21/2021

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    Myra Martinez

    Josh came out to do our new construction inspection and I am beyond satisfied with his work ethic, professionalism, and knowledge. Josh stayed in contact with me throughout the appointment scheduling process, and while at the inspection, he explained every step thoroughly to me. He is extremely knowledgeable at what he does! Josh helped me identify some significant problems that I’m sure I would have never caught if I had not gotten into touch with him. His prices also are very reasonable for all that he has to offer. I received my report that same day which is incredible! Overall, I would recommend Josh and Summit Inspection Services to anyone who is need of inspection services! – 2/06/2021